The Other Box

How many times have you been working away,  trying to meet the latest deadline, thinking: “I just want to hop on a boat and sail away to a remote island.”

Be careful what your wish for.

That’s what happened to a very fortunate San Diego couple who met their unfortunate demise. Beautiful people who abandoned a yacht club lifestyle and the  ‘yachties’ – opting for the open seas aboard their yacht, the Sea Wind.   Mac and Muff Graham sailed around the world several times until they set foot on the idyllic island of Palmyra, leading to their untimely deaths.

It was a murder mystery that captured an international audience and best selling novel,  And the Sea Will Tell, penned by world renowned Los Angeles District Attorney and author, Vincent Bugliosi.

A woman strolling along the beach discovered Muff’s bones, stuffed in a burned-out metal box.  But Mac’s remains have never been found. Neither has the other box.

A compelling murder mystery that begs the question:  Where’s the other box?

Fast forward to  already-jaded newspaper journalist, Mark Taylor, as he stumbles upon archives of the murders that horrified daydreamers everywhere.  The murders become an obsession for this rookie cold case journalist in his gripping series,  The Other Box, attracting a national audience.

Suddenly, he doesn’t detest his day job.

Destined to reunite the couple in death, he must find the other box.  Only then can they rest in peace. Together.

Mark’s loyal fan base only hopes he doesn’t die trying to reunited them.   Or do they?

A fictional feature story  inspired by real events of  unspeakable crime: two murders that took place on an island in the South Pacific. Sheer evil that spread fear from the South Pacific to Hawaii and San Diego.   

© Copyright 2014