The Board Meeting

The Morning Commute

The Morning Commute

A documentary inspired by two old guys.  Don & Ross,  two retired execs meet three times a week to surf at their local break.  And they plan to keep holding these board meetings with one thing on the agenda:  keep surfing until the kids take the car keys away.

Is it any wonder why these board meetings are never boring?



AOF Film Festival – Guerilla Award

Best Shorts – Award of Excellence – Women Filmmakers

Big Bear Film Festival

Blue Ocean Film Festival

California Surf Museum Film Festival

Del Mar Beach Series

First Glance Hollywood

Holly Shorts Film Festival

Hong Kong Ocean Film Festival

Honolulu Film Festival – Golden Kahuna Award

Laguna Beach Film Society

Maverick Film Festival – Nomination – Best Music Score

North Shore Surf Film Festival

Onecloud Film Fest – Audience Favorite Award

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival


Writer & Director – Maggie Franks.  Cinematographer – Chris Steblay. Editor – Matt Gahan. Music by Dustin Franks

© Copyright 2014