What happens when  a naïve divorcee lands on the set of the world’s biggest box office star when her son wins the coveted ‘Martian Makeover’ contest?  Stagmom happens.

Joanne Peterson is overworked and underpaid with two sons going in too many directions.  Life gets more complicated when her ambitious son, Michael wins the coveted “Martian Makeover” contest and lands on the set of the world’s biggest box office star.  As she studies to get her real estate license, she can’t help but study Logan Taylor’s assets.    When she finally gets her license,  he asks her to show him some property.  But ends up seeing a whole lot more.

Stagemom delves into the mindset of those very scary parents:  Moms and Dads who use their children to live out their own faded dreams.

  • Honolulu Film Awards – Winner
  • Filmakers International – Winner
  • Writemovies – Winner
  • Screenplay Festival – Winner
  • Hollywood Film Award – Finalist
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival – Finalist
  • Page International – Finalist
  • Nicholl Fellowship – Top 10%
  • Scriptwriters Network – Recommend
  • Scriptapalooza
  • Cynosure
  • Writers Network – Honorable Mention
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