Last Minute

A holiday story that anyone can relate to.  A family man waits til the last minute to do his Christmas shopping.  Hard to believe, huh?

Ryan’s always getting sidetracked.  He’s late to work, late to dinner, late for a round of golf.    It doesn’t matter.   And yes, Ryan will be late to his own funeral.  A funeral that will happen sooner than later if he doesn’t change his ways.  His  wife, Sara, will see to it.

This Christmas is even more important to Sara and Ryan.  The kids are getting older; and it will probably be the last year that the kids even fake that they still  believe in Santa Claus.  Ryan is determined to make this the best Christmas ever.  And to prove it to Sara, he sets out on Christmas Eve to go shopping at the mall …before noon.

The stores are packed so he tucks into the sports bar  to grab an early lunch… and catch the latest scores.

But Ryan ends up with a big timeout.

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