Maggie is a native Californian born under the Hollywood sign, literally. Well, sorta.

Her Mom preferred Queen of Angels Hospital;  now the defunct Dream Center off the 101 freeway.

Oh, the irony.  Dreams were made then and now under that Hollywood sign.  Along with countless nightmares.

Maggie’s Dad, an LA Homicide Detective, witnessed some of those nightmares.  So he  decided to ship the  wife and kids off to San Clemente for one summer that became an endless nirvana to four generations; and still counting.  Quite a legacy for a seasoned homicide detective who lived to tell about his day job in the tumultuous 60’s and 70’s. Yet, he relished his colorful night job – bodyguard detail for the biggest TV stars of that era.

  Although her Detective Dad was the biggest star in her mind, it was an indie film that had the biggest impact on her life:  Endless Summer.

 Maggie’s early fascination with the business world lead to high school internships with other legends:  John Severson, founder of Surfer Magazine; and Hobie Alter –  surfboard and catamaran manufacturer.

What struck her most?  They loved what they were doing; and they had fun doing it.

That experience influenced her entrepreneurial spirit to launch a family business with her husband, Rick. It wasn’t  nearly as exciting as shaping surfboards, or trekking the globe to chronicle another surf adventure.

So her young  family of four beach boys created their own fun. Life had come full circle.

She  was an award winning copywriter, business woman and Mom.  But it was time to get out of that comfort zone.  Again.  So, she made a detour to UCLA to study film and screenwriting.  Just down the road from that Hollywood sign and the Dream Center.

Her  range of works include comedy, true murder mystery, biography and dramedy.  Her love of the ocean continues with an award winning screenplay about the fascinating sport of big wave surfing.

She is also a documentary filmmaker on the most beautiful set in the world:  the deep blue sea.  With some of the most beloved creatures on earth. No, not pro surfers. Even better.  Way better.  Dolphins!

In another film, she showcases two other ‘old guys’  in her short documentary, The Board Meeting.

And with her latest documentary, Freddy Carrillo’s Day Off, she showcases a stellar athlete who surfs, skis and skate…all in one day.  Sometimes with his wheelchair, sometimes, without.

Her work has been recognized by film festivals the world over.

Her passions extend to environmental and cultural issues.

 It’s a boring day if  she’s not learning something new. Anything!

So she climbs out bed and out of her comfort zone with a big cup of decaf and butterflies leading the way to unchartered waters of life.


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