The Theory of Feeling

Sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised.  Sometimes we’re blown away.  The difference – mind boggling.

I barely made it through my Earth Science class in college, so Quantum Physics was not in the equation.

Like most of us, though, I know about stars.

George Clooney, Brad Pitt.  Steve McQueen, Stephen Hawking.

But now I’m star struck.  How often do you get to walk out of a theater in awe?

The Theory of Everything

Copyright 2014   The Theory of Everything – Working Title Films

The James Marsh film, The Theory of Everything, blindsided me to a different world for 123 minutes.  By theater screening standards these days, that’s a long film. Yet, time flew by.

The closest thing I come to physics is my friend, Vikki – a Make-up Artist on the award winning hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory.  When we get together for lunch, topics range from Malibu surf breaks to cosmetology.  Not the world’s most renowned Cosmologist and Physicist.

Of course, I knew of Stephen Hawking, the genius and the Big Bang Theory.  Stephen Hawking is a household name.

But I didn’t know about Stephen Hawking, the human being.

Screenwriter Anthony McCarten and Jane Wilde Hawking, author and ex-wife, weave their talents into an odyssey that’s both heartbreaking and uplifting.  And oh so complicated.

Director James Marsh crafts a biographical film about a genius. Then makes it a love story about life itself.  Of course, it’s all relative.  But without feeling, it’s merely academic.

Mr. Marsh captures that emotion, sense of humor and vast enthusiasm of Stephen Hawking, the man.  Portrayed luminously by British actor Eddie Redmayne – a  32 year old wise beyond his years.  It’s difficult to comprehend the depth and physicality for the role of Stephen Hawking.  To get inside his head.  And stay there.

I imagine Hawking, Redmayne and Marsh have a lot in common.

Brilliant Physicist.  Brilliant actor.  Brilliant film.