Gold Fingers

This may sound shallow because I am shallow –  but I have really enjoyed the Sage Kotsenburg interviews.

And yes, I’m a snowboarder with a couple of broken bones and a huge heart for the sport. But that’s not it.  Well, maybe a little.

But it’s him. His character.  His “I can’t believe I did it” smile.  Oh hell, let’s not beat around the bush.

It’s a shit eating grin. And why not?    Sage Kosenburg

Not only did he win a gold, it was the first gold in the entire Sochi Olympics!

As he grins ear to ear, he wraps his fingers around that gold medal. The richest gold per ounce. Gold that represents years of hard work, day in and day out. When nobody is watching. Or worse, when the whole world is watching the ‘agony of defeat’.

And of course, we can’t forget the coveted Oscar. Another gold of excellence. As Academy members  met today for their annual Oscar lunch, more gold medals were racking up in Sochi.

After all, this week is Sochi week.

Like skiing, snowboarding, skating – so many sports – we will fall over and over if we’re ever going to improve. I hate that part. Most of the time.

Some falls remind us not to take ourselves or life too seriously. Other falls remind us to take everything more seriously.

The Olympic podium reminds everyone, all over the world, rich or poor, that the only way we can excel, is by picking ourselves up after the fall.

Congratulations to all the gold, silver and bronze medalists.  Regardless of your country.

After all, this is the Olympics.