Golden Globes Winner 24/7

I love the Golden Globes for so many reasons.  It’s entertaining, relaxed and of course,  irreverent.  Kind of like Thanksgiving with a few drunk relatives to keep things interesting.  It determines the family favorites.   The ones that didn’t piss off any relatives.  Or the ones that did but we tolerate them anyway.  And  the ones that keep the family together, year after year, with talent, grace, civility and fun.

Kind of like Meryl Streep.

Did I really even have to say her last name?   I loved watching her at the Kennedy Center Honors….she had more damn fun than anyone in the room.  Or was she acting?  Doesn’t matter.  Whatever Meryl does, she does it better than anybody else.  No prima dona rumors swirling on the set.  No family chaos in the headlines.  So refreshing in this era of overnight successes.

Yes, there are overnight successes that do have class.  Too bad, most of it’s low.

That’s why Meryl’s star shines bright, year after year.  A class act.  Then and now.

I’ll drink to that.  Cheers!