Still Julianne

My father had Alzheimer’s for what seemed like a lifetime.  Maybe because by the time he passed away, a lifetime had been taken from him.  So I was quietly cheering on Julian Moore for her work in Still Alice.  But not for the reasons you might think. 

Julianne had been nominated four other times.  So no, she was not a one hit wonder.  This actress has never done a bad film, or bad acting  And the only drama in Julianne’s life is done onscreen. Her private life is just that.  Private.  No prima donna antics  or flaunting lifestyles.  So I wasn’t rooting for her to lose.

Speaking of losers, she was even in my four sons’ favorite film about everybody’s favorite loser, The Big Lebowski.   Ironically, she was pregnant with her son at the time of filming.

Even when I saw Julianne in a restaurant  on a summer evening a couple years ago in a quaint beach town, she maintained a low profile in spite of her natural grace and beauty.  But still,  I wasn’t cheering her on because she was so down to earth.

On Oscar night, I was cheering her on for all the times she didn’t win.

All those years, Julianne, the person,  did like the rest of us.  She got up, went back to work and kept trying to do her best; even when she could have faded away in IMDB purgatory.

Or as Julianne said it so well:  “I’m looking for the truth.  The audience doesn’t come to see you, they come to see themselves.”

Congratulations to Julianne and all the winners.  And congratulations to the losers as well



Freddy Carrillo’s Day Off

Starting a new film project is like the first day of school.  New supplies, sharpened pencils and fleeting hopes of straight A’s – and the coveted ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ awards.

Freddy Would Go!

In the school of life, Freddy has succeeded many times over.  A resourceful, charming guy that knows how to get things done with an infectious smile in his pursuit to live each and every day to the fullest.

Sometimes with his wheelchair.  Sometimes without.

In this short film, an idyllic weather forecast beckons Freddy to call in ‘sick’ at his day job due to  a winter bug.  He’s bugging to do something fun but he can’t decide.  Should he  skateboard?  Surf?  Ski?

Oh heck, maybe all of the above…

A small film about a big personality.










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